And the winner is ….. Results from the 5th Annual Chancellor Livingston Apple Taste Test

Earlier this week, parent volunteers hosted the 5th Annual Local Apple Taste Test for students at Chancellor Livingston Elementary school. Six crates of apples, seven volunteers, 500 students and 1,500+ bites later, we have a winner!

Let’s give it up for Ginger Gold!

Hudson Valley Ginger Gold apples

Ginger Gold apples…our 2012 winner!

According to our parent volunteers, the kids gobbled up the Ginger Gold apples and proclaimed them this year’s favorite. Galas were a close second, though Macoun had its followers, too. Some fifth graders were piling plates full of apples and digging in with friends at the tables!

The event is a fall favorite – who doesn’t love sharing fresh, local, seasonal, (and delicious) fruit with our local school children? After five years of hosting this fun event, we know one thing for sure – kids love those apples!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our student tasters had to say:

  • “All these apples are delicious”
  • “Apple tasting is awesome”
  • “I only like the red ones”
  • “I like the puckery ones”
  • “More please!”
Sarah Hutchings cuts apples for the taste test

Volunteer Sarah Hutchings cuts apples for the taste test.

The apples were generously donated by Mead Orchards and Breezy Hill Orchards. We couldn’t have done it without the enthusiastic support of the aides and cafeteria staff at Chancellor Livingston. And last but not least, these parent volunteers made it all happen: Sarah Derbyshire, Metta Callahan, Sarah Hutchings, Vivian Mandala, Mark Butler and Julibeth Corwin. Thanks to all.

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