Did you know? SNACKS

Some of the snacks offered at CLS, Spring 2011

Midway through each lunch period at CLS, there is a call of “snacks are open” which means first to fifth graders are able to purchase snacks like Doritos, Poptarts, Candy, Rice Crispie Bars & Ice Cream Sandwiches.

The Nutrition Committee is working toward bringing healthier snacks to our children at school.

Please join us and share your thoughts in the comments below.


2 responses to “Did you know? SNACKS

  1. In addition to replacing these snacks with healthier ones (a great initiative!) I think it would be great if they were not offered in the middle of lunch so that the children can stay focused on their lunches. Considering the lunch period is so brief, chances are half way through, they have not had a chance to eat lunch by then.

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